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Compilation & Build

The codebase can be clone from the Github repo.


On Debian/Ubuntu, build dependencies are listed in the debian/control file.

You can use mk-build-deps to automatically install these build-dependencies.

sudo apt install devscripts # install mk-build-depends
sudo mk-build-deps --install debian/control

Compile & Build

Compiling EDGESEC is done with CMake.

If you have CMake v3.22+, you can use the following cmake-presets to compile EDGESEC:

cmake --preset linux # configure EDGESEC for Linux
cmake --build --preset linux -j4 # build EDGESEC for Linux using 4 threads
ctest --preset linux # test EDGESEC for Linux

A useful one-liner is the following, which given a preset, automatically configures, compiles (using all cores, but nice -n19 for lower CPU priority), tests (if a test config exists), then installs into the ./tmp folder.

export PRESET=linux; cmake --preset "$PRESET" && nice -n19 cmake --build --preset "$PRESET" -j=$(nproc) && ( ctest --list-presets | grep "\"$PRESET\"" ) && ctest --preset "$PRESET"; cmake --install "./build/$PRESET" --prefix "./tmp/$PRESET"

For older versions of CMake, or for manual configuration, please see the next headings for more details.


Configure cmake in the build/ directory by running the following:

# or for old versions of cmake, do: mkdir build/ && cd build/ && cmake ..
cmake -S . -B build

The configure stage will download some of the EDGESEC dependencies, so this may take a while.


To build, you can then run:

# or for old versions of cmake, do: cd build/ && make
cmake --build build/

or to built on multiple core run:

cmake --build build/ -j4

-j4 means 4 jobs/threads, replace 4 with the amount of cores you want to use, equivalent to make -j4.

After succesful compilation the binary will be located in ./build/src folder.


You can use the following to also install files into build/edgesec-dist:

# Can do make and install in one step with
# `cmake --build build/ --target install -j4`
cmake --install build/

Installing to custom location

Set -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=<YOUR-LOCATION-HERE> to build for a different location:

cmake -B build/ -S . -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/tmp/example-build
cmake --build build/ --target install -j4

This will also automatically update config.ini to have all paths point to the installed location. You can also use the following to install to a different location than the one you built for.

# Will update config.ini, but will not update RPATHS!!!
cmake --install build/ --prefix <new-location>

This will not update the RPATHs (since they have to be known at compile time). However, as we use relative RPATHs, as long as you don't change the folder structure, it will be fine.

Please configure cmake with -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX and recompile if you want to change the RPATH.


To compile the tests use:

cmake -B build/ -S . # configure CMAKE
cmake --build build/ -j4 # or make -j4
cmake --build build/ --target test -j4 # or `make test`

To run each test individually, the test binaries can be located in ./build/tests folder.

Developer Documentation

To compile the docs from ./build folder:

make doxydocs

See ./docs for how to build the developer doxygen documentation website.